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Don't friend people with homemade banners.
Stop friending people with homemade banners.
Division is not an option.   "Why do strangers want to be friends with us and not be a participant in our cause?"

  Lately our movement has been encountering some suspicious activity. Many members of our group have been experiencing multiple friend requests to our personal pages from those who are the same person with many different profiles and names. That alone raises my first question which is "Why would this person feel the need to hide behind so many profiles and different names?" I have also noticed that 100% of these requests I've been getting do not have the I Am The Face of Truth banners which leads me to my second question which is "Why do strangers want to be friends with us and not be a participant in our cause?"  

I have personally messaged these individuals and have asked them these questions as well as informed them that I simply do not accept requests from those who do not have the banner and support our cause. They see the messages but do not respond which is another red flag for me. Very few have responded and their responses are identical which is "I add everyone". Word for word this is the same response out of all of them who do respond. It's almost as if it is a program responding. Why else would the responses be the exact same from different people?

I decided to dig deep into my friends list and delete anyone who does not have the banner. Secondly I started to look through our members as well and have noticed quite a few people who have been members for a month or longer and still do not have the banner to support our cause. In my opinion, this movement is not a part time movement only in September. This movement is a full time movement that cannot take time off from spreading awareness. I understand that changing your profile pictures is something we all like to do which is why I have requested banners for new pictures to keep it fresh and new.

We have many people working hard for our cause and truly believe in what we are doing is right. Our campaign is growing by the day and we are only going to continue to grow. In order to continue to grow and continue to be successful we as a movement must be aware that there are people out there who have missions to create fights and divide us. Here are a few suggestions to help ween out those that may not be a part of our cause:

1. Look for the banner when someone requests you and ONLY the I Am The Face of Truth banner.

2. Check their Facebook profiles. If they have only been on Facebook for a very short time chances are, they are not someone you want to add.

3. If you are concerned who is requesting you, message them and ask your questions. If they do not respond or their response gives you doubt than do not add them.

4. Ask people in our group about a person if you are not sure. There's a possibility someone has encountered this person before.

5. If you come across anyone who you know for sure is not for our cause and is only here for disinformation let the group know to help bring awareness to the group.

6. Check for multiple profiles by a person. In some cases these people will use the same pictures with different names. Their locations don't change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I wish you all a very good day and keep on fighting the good fight!

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