'Your Profile Picture' will help spread awareness!!! A very powerful tool - "Passive marketing is the marketing you do within your everyday activities and can be even more effective because it's personal."
Would you believe these people want 9/11 Truth?  What happens when they start to become noticeable?  It's possible that they can help awaken the masses.
The world needs to know that "9/11 Truth Advocates" are, moms, dads, architects, engineers, firefighters, scientists, teachers, nurses, cops, doctors, pilots, iron-workers, intelligent, caring, loving, empathetic and Cool!    We're not as they portray us on the 24/7 corporatized news media.  Be part of history... 
Your first step to help the Truth Movement.  Don't underestimate the power of your profile picture  -  Your profile picture goes with you wherever you go on the internet. Post something somewhere, there it is!  Comment on something somewhere, and there it is! Your face combined with 9/11, whether you're wearing a 9/11 T-Shirt or have 9/11 blazoned alongside your face will get the message through.
1 Billion people on Facebook alone can use a little 9/11 awareness seeding from us advocates as we travel around in the various groups & pages. It'll be 18 years soon. "I have awakened several people in my family with my profile picture. I have gotten some of my friends interested in looking into the subject just because of my profile picture alone. Some of their friends and family, I have piqued their interest with just the profile picture. "Just me!" - Claudio Marty  /  Imagine what all advocates can do if we all did the same. We all have to step up to the plate now.   This is a plea for your help.   The clock is ticking....
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Questions or need help with creating a 9/11 awarness picture?  Email to IAmTheFaceOfTruth@gmail.com
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are a worldwide grassroots movement for 9/11 Truth & Justice. We want to be associated only with evidence that can be held up to the harshest scrutiny in any fair court on the planet. We do not want to be associated with theories that cannot be scientifically proven such as: Directed Energy Weapons, nuclear weapons, or 'no planes' at the World Trade Center towers.


We're selling 9/11 truth to the world for free.  Will you help us "TRUTH" brand?  It will only work if all of us do it.   We need you!