I was fascinated by this movement that was using marketing to spread the truth of the 9/11 attacks.

Carole Fifi - I Am The Face of TruthI joined the I AM THE FACE OF TRUTH campaign in August 2014.  I was fascinated by this movement that was using marketing to spread the truth of the 9/11 attacks.  It was so eye catching with the yellow and black logos and the country each person represented.  I recognized immediately how our everyday normalcy was a powerful tool to wake up our fellow world citizens. All of a sudden, there were others who had discovered and understood the science behind the attacks like I had.  And each person was willing to tell their awakening story.  I was no longer alone but part of this huge, loving, ever expanding family.  I knew then, that I was exactly where I belonged and I was eager to help in any way that I could. We all need to help in any way that we can.  We are quickly running out of time. The US has now become or is becoming a fascist state.  It's no longer cool to be a Truther, it is urgent!!! 
The only way we will ever counter the evil forces behind 9/11 and other false flags is by increasing our numbers.  How can we do this?  We must all recruit new members.  If you see other Truthers commenting on 9/11 articles, LIKE their comments and FRIEND them on Facebook. Encourage them to get a banner.  Wake up your friends and neighbors by handing out pamphlets, wearing 9/11 t-shirts, getting your car's license plate personalized to say WTC 7.  Join as many Facebook groups as you can that involve your hobbies outside of the 9/11 culture.  Comment on those pages and your profile picture will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people.  You will be planting a seed that it is OK and even desirable to be a Truther.  Start a 9/11 Meet-Up group in your area.  Donate to the cause.  Even $10.00 goes a long way if a lot of us donate that amount.  Host a movie night and show The Anatomy of a Great Deception or any of your favorite 9/11 movie.  Sign the petition for A/E for 9/11 Truth. Start your own petition.  There's any of a dozen ways that we all can help and no effort is too small.

My Awakening Story:
          I first became interested in 9/11 Truth after watching The Falling Man on Hulu. I hadn't known about the horror of the jumpers before this film. This prompted me to start researching 9/11 and I quickly realized that the story I had been fed was a lie that I, like so many others, believed (because I was in a state of shock on 9/11). I can guarantee you, unequivocally, that as a degreed and licensed interior designer practicing for 25 years , there is no way a kerosene doused office fire could burn hot enough to melt steel like the pool of molten steel found at Ground Zero. My only regret is that my father, a research scientist and metallurgist is not here for me to discuss the science behind this treasonous act anymore. I welcome all discussions on my page as long as they are done with respect and without name calling. As world citizens, it is each of our responsibilities to research the truth and spread awareness. Anything less is treason! 

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