Social media is our last line of defense against our freedom of speech, and this campaign keeps that right for us… one banner at a time.

Jack Larson - I Am The Face of Truth - HR 428"Every American in this country has a connection to 9/11.  On that day in September, everything stopped.  What came next for me were anger, revenge, and a sense of patriotism I have never felt before.  It isn’t what you think though.  I was a believer in the government and of the official story. I backed Bush, tuned into Fox News, and was even part of an online chat room task force to find extremists who wanted to harm us.  A few years afterwards I began to see things that made me question my beliefs.  From confusing war agendas to political documentaries, it was becoming clear that I was being taken for a ride.  So, I started researching and what I found made me angry, wanting revenge, and again - new sense of patriotism I never felt before.  Sound familiar?  This time I was thinking more clearly and needed a community to share my thoughts and research with.  That’s when I found FOT.  A grassroots movement to expose the truth behind our governments continued cover-up of 9/11.  A community that has educated me beyond what I could have ever done on my own.  Social media is our last line of defense against our freedom of speech, and this campaign keeps that right for us… one banner at a time."

My Awakening Story:
          My awakening came when I was looking on YouTube for 9/11 videos in 2011. I came across a few from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. In 2006, I first involved my research in the food industries cover-ups, so I wasn't new to seeing our governments bad behavior. As I continued to look around I discovered so many people challenging the official story. Fireman, engineers, the victims families, and even pilots who flew on the planes in question from 9/11. The FOT campaign is important as it keeps awareness consistently present in social media. I'm proud to wear it, spread it, and preach it. I also advocate for the bill introduced last year (H.RES.14) which is for the release of 28 classified pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. 

H.Res.428 Letter Submission Form

Some of my favorite 9/11 Truth Links:  -  HR428 Letter Submition Form  -  HR428 Facebook Group  -  More coming soon.

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