People who know that 911 was a fraud should join ~I Am The Face of Truth~

Joseph Moreno for 9/11 Truth     I found out about the campaign while surfing my news feed timeline on Facebook. ~I Am The Face of Truth~ is the greatest thing going!  It helps create a unified force of people by allowing recognizable banners.  The potential of which, allows more and more people to realize that they are not alone in their beliefs about 911.  People who know that 911 was a fraud should join ~I Am The Face of Truth~ by getting a banner and if they can help with the expenses! should do so. 
I am participating by welcoming as many new participants as I can with my limited time, and I also personally commit on donating $25.00 a month to help with the expenses of this campaign.  I am also putting together as a means of building a vast global financial power system to help bring a USA style constitution and bill of rights to those that desire it, anywhere across the globe. Our threat is global and so should our solution be.
My 9/11 Awareness Banner has been up since 8/15/2014 - Joseph Moreno

My Awakening Story:
At first, I believed the official version...My friend Lawrence used to tell me about things that weren't right about it, but I shrugged him off. I felt that this was too big to get all the needed co-conspiracy going. However, by 2007, with the Valerie Wilson CIA scandal, I started to change my mind about Bush's integrity. Also, at about that time or a bit later, I saw the film 'Loose Change' and that started me doubting the official version. And yet, even so, it took me 2012...for it to finally sink in... In 2013, I began my research into our dear government and was incredibly shocked to learn about all the stuff they did even prior to 911. I researched JFK, Iran/Contra, Mena, AR, OKC bombing, and so on...the list is long! And finally, I joined ~I Am The Face of Truth~ in mid 2014... and I must learning curve went straight up as I followed through on recommended videos and books...WOW!

We will catch the real crooks of 911...We will preserve our precious democracy... WeThePeople shall prevail... We have the technology available to us to do a very thorough investigation of 911, using FMRI Lie Detection, with super sleuth algorithmic prowess able to detect super fine nuances just from voice and grammar, on all persons of interest... This same technology, FMRI, can also be used on all appointed and elected official, annually, as a way of keeping them loyal to WeThePeople...

Favorite Videos - links
Explosive Evidence    Loose Change    Facebook Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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