Since the early days of FOT, I've watched hundreds if not thousands of others follow suit and join us.

Josh Garey - I Am The Face of Truth Team
When Claudio Marty first approached me with his Face of Truth idea, I thought it was so good, I wrote a song about it!  I still do think it's a great idea.  Maybe it's because it doesn't take much effort to change your profile picture, maybe it's because that simple act is 'enough said' for some people, without getting dragged into all the many-faceted theories that can cloud the central message that a new, independent investigation is sorely needed. 

In any case, since those early days of the FOT campaign, I have watched hundreds if not thousands of others follow suit and join us.  I have no plans to take mine down.  9/11 Truth is still the single most important issue that can help us beat back the political and corporate tyranny which has literally run amok while we've been asleep at the wheel.  We are doing this!

My Awakening Story:
          On 9/12/01, I kept saying to myself, friends and co-workers, "It was like a f*&^ing movie, man..." and just shaking my head in disbelief. Everything that has followed of course has been a disaster, but even by the time we were seriously beating the drums for war in Iraq in 2003, I was more than a little suspicious. The first site I found was and from there it has only gotten more clear in my mind that the only logical answer is a heavily-staged, multi-national 'inside job' planned from beginning to end. Sadly. I don't care if it takes 100 years, truth and justice must prevail.

Sun House - 'Face of Truth' music video

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