Christopher Bollyn and Kevin BrantMy Awakening Story:

    The attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 have become the pretext for a NEW worldwide holocaust which continues today.  I have examined this issue closely for many years now. 9/11 was a false flag operation. False flag operations are a common military reality.  The Gulf of Tonkin was an admitted false flag. The US military used the incident to justify intervention in Vietnam.  NATO used Operation Gladio to commit terrorist attacks on civilian populations in Europe to justify political and military actions in those countries in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's and this was exposed through a FOIA.  Many of these same organizations have been tied to CURRENT false flag operations in Ukraine & Syria to justify a future intervention in those strategic regions too.  It is cold, calculated and cruel and advances the interests of only the few.  9/11 has become the defining event our our time.  While shrouded in 1000's of hours and pages of propaganda and disinformation, it is not difficult to understand.  There is a large body of evidence supported by the testimony of individuals with inside information such as Susan Landauer and Kevin Ryan justifying my position.  I invite my friends to explore this subject for yourselves.

The FOT (I Am The Face of Truth) model may be a complete game changer for the entire 911 truth movement...

The "I Am The Face Of Truth" (FOT) campaign model is a game changer for the entire 9/11 Truth Movement.  We utilize passive marketing in the realm of social media to raise awareness about the implications of 9/11 false flag attacks.  We seek to reveal the facts, expose the myths, and shine light on the crimes and the criminals, along with the resulting foreign "policy coup."  The new paradigm brings us together on the common ground of shared facts and shared values, including the basic respect for human life and the desire to live free.  Lies which cost lives and incur great national debts only benefit an elite cabal of criminal bankers.  This criminal network operates on a global scale; therefore, our movement must be worldwide too.

9/11 truth can end 9/11 wars but a critical mass is needed.  The only thing government puppets fear are those who seek to wrest control away from the oligarchs who put them in power and return it to the people they claim to be serving.  A functioning democracy demands a well-informed electorate and a well-informed electorate demands truth.

*Every major issue today is tied to, or affected by, this one big 9/11 lie.  The FOT (I Am The Face of Truth) campaign holds out the promise of generating the exponential growth of 9/11 awareness needed to counter-balance the highly concentrated and tightly controlled mass multi-media marketing tool.  The mainstream media megaphone is broadcasting lies which enslave us.  These criminal banking enterprises kill millions to deplete national treasures through war.  War is their racket, the media is their con and this criminal enterprise has made us their mark.  The masters of the media and man are pursuing a dark, nation bankrupting, genocidal vision -- because endless war produces endless profits for those psychopathic few who need no more.

At FOT we keep our eyes on the prize and that includes wisdom, justice, peace, truth and compassion.  We are building in a microcosm a model that can unite a worldwide movement because the goals we seek can be achieved best through unity.  The fault lines and internet battles of the old paradigm will not die easily.  The shills and agents won't be leaving soon but their impact can be reduced. They are like the rust on the chassis of a worn out lie.  A new model is needed.  The old paradigm proponents have been duped.  They have become unwitting accessories after the fact to the criminal cover-up which continues.  Those stuck in the old paradigm will spread rumors, attack each other and attack us until change is achieved through wisdom.  Wisdom demands unity.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is now mature, and we need to mature with it.  That involves risk, change and sacrifice.  9/11 truth isn't only about being right; it is about doing what is right too. Raise your banner and support "I Am The Face Of Truth" today and every day because we are nothing--and 9/11 wars will continue to spread like wildfires--without you.  Reach one, and then each one can teach one. The overwhelming majority of sane people seek peace. But peace demands 9/11 truth!

Pictured with me is Christopher Bollyn.  He came to this subject uniquely qualified to understand the events that are driving history, not only now, but for the better part of the last one hundred years.  His book--Solving 911--names names, identifies patterns, and gives the reader the information needed to comprehend these forces and their place in history like no other.  He balances the information needed for a basic understanding for those new to the subject of 911 with new details unfamiliar to many who have examined this subject for many years.  Christopher Bollyn is a rare survivor from the virtually extinct field of investigative journalism and what he has uncovered is a small mountain of reliable research vital to anyone concerned, not only about the future of America but also concerned, about the future of the world.  Turn off your TV and open this book.  It is easy to understand and you will be glad you did.

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