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Never forget, 9/11/2001. Never forget, radical Muslims didn't plan and execute the greatest terrorist attack in the history of our nation, our government did. Never forget, no steel framed buildings have ever collapsed due to fire or by planes hitting them. Never forget, jet fuel cannot melt steel beams. Never forget, building 7 collapsed at free fall speed when there was only a small fire in the building and was never touched by a plane. Never forget, that The Twin Towers were the biggest set of steel towers on the planet and it only took less than an hour for the first tower to collapse. Never forget, there were people hanging from the ledges, right by where the building had been hit, so there no way the fire could be so hot that it made the entire tower to crumble. Never forget, all 3 buildings fell straight down at nearly free-fall speed and that can only be done if bombs were inside the building and was imploded. Never forget, loud explosions were reported by police officers, fire fighters, and civilians multiple times that day. Never forget, there's never been a time in history that a plane disintegrated as such claims were presented when Flight 93 supposedly was overtaken by passengers and dove into the ground. Never forget, a plane could never even fly close to the Pentagon without being shot down. Never forget, a highly skilled professional pilot could never fly into the Pentagon as the government said it did. Never forget, The Pentagon had 80 surveillance cameras, but never showed a plane hitting the building. Never forget, the hole in the Pentagon was way too small for a Boeing 747 to crash into it. Never forget, there is no evidence linking Osama Bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks. Never forget, there's zero evidence linking the supposed hi-jackers to the 9/11 attacks. Never forget, bombs can be seen exploding from the side of the towers right before it they came crashing down. Never forget, 3,000 lives were murdered in cold blood. Never forget, our government put our lives in fear and terror. Never forget, the war on terror was created by our government and so was Al-Qaeda. Never forget, because of 9/11, we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and murdered hundreds of thousands innocent people. Never forget, George W. Bush passed "The Patriot Act" because of 9/11 so the government could have more control over our lives. Never forget, the day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced 2.3 Trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon. Never forget, the massive cover-up from the Federal government, the FBI, the CIA, and most importantly, the media. Never forget, our enemy is within. Never forget, they want a New World Order. Never forget, both democrats and republicans serve the same master, The Illuminati. Never forget, I know and so many other people know what they are doing. -Ryan James

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