I Am The Face of Truth Policy Statement

We can only succeed if we show unity & perseverance!  -  Someone said that "what we're doing is the Truth Movement's new paradigm which was much needed"...

  "We Are The Worldwide Grassroots 9/11 Truth Movement"
Stick to that 'a crime was committed & we want justice.' all these years of arguing over theories must end.  We'll all find out at the end anyway. Our job now is to awaken the general public.

Simple solutions for complex problems is how we're going to get this job done.  Aligning ourselves with AE911Truth.org is what the general public can easily relate to compared to unconventional theories.  We need the vast majority of the general public & not a niche part of it if we've got a chance to make a difference.   The no planes, nukes, & all other theories will only reinforce the public's cognitive dissonance wall that we need to at least crack so they can look at the 9/11 subject at all!

If we keep it simple, we can change the world!!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are a worldwide grassroots movement for 9/11 Truth & Justice. We want to be associated only with evidence that can be held up to the harshest scrutiny in any fair court on the planet. We do not want to be associated with theories that cannot be scientifically proven such as: Directed Energy Weapons, nuclear weapons, or 'no planes' at the World Trade Center towers.

"Ego is a killer of any movement & the establishment depends on us to self destruct because of it!" cm

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Timothy S. - I read the policy statement,. I agree that it needs to be kept simple so as not to scare aware the simple folks.  Don't scare off the straights!  Let this go into a courtroom once and for all and let the criminals who did this explain to us how they did it.  I am sick of people fighting over the details while these conspirators roam free.  Let's take them down and their state run lap dog mind control media too.   LET'S GET 'EM!!!!


Solving 9-11: The Disinformation Campaign - Christopher Bollyn