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Richard Gage, AIA / AE911Truth Supports 'I Am The Face of Truth"

Statement of Unity re: I Am The Face of Truth

from Richard Gage, AIA / AE911Truth


To all supporters of AE911Truth and of the 9/11 truth movement:

I would like to speak for our mutual common interest in furthering the goal of accelerating public awareness of what really happened on 9/11. The “I Am The Face of Truth” campaign has proven itself to have the capacity to go viral. This is in large measure to the hard work and dedication of Claudio Marty and others who share the passion and who create the Facebook profile photo templates so that they can proliferate in the social media platform. The campaign and website has tightened its belt significantly and set clear visible boundaries with regard to unscientific alternative WTC destruction scenarios – which was the source of much earlier controversy. Other continuing controversies have shown themselves to be unproductive and damaging to the campaign, and trite in comparison to the potential benefits of the campaign which would otherwise benefit all of us in the Movement.

It is time to lay down our swords and support the FOT campaign. Join me in encouraging every supporter of 9/11 truth to “come out of the closet” and show your face. Sign up here to add “I am the Face of Truth” to your FB profile photo. And, for the love of God, let your criticisms and attacks die a noble death today, before they turn against you, and give this campaign the chance to succeed that it deserves.


Copycat Banners created to Divide the movement Please know that AE911Truth has set a policy that our LOGO should not be used on Facebook profiles. AE911Truth has endorsed the FOT
(I Am The Face of Truth) campaign.  Please support it.

Thank you!

Richard Gage, AIA / AE911Truth

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Claudio Marty  -  In order for us to succeed we ALL need to be on the same page at the same time. This knowledge is not for just the few of us that know better, it's for every single person that is determined to get our job done!

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