911 Truth groups should work together to host a worldwide GLOBAL 911 TRUTH SUMMIT / ASSEMBLY / CONVENTION.
Ronald F. Avery
Global 9/11 Truth Assembly Planners / Facebook Group

I was invited to join "I AM THE FACE OF 911 TRUTH" Facebook page and get my Icon "bannered-up," as they say, by my good friend JoAnna Brown. So I went to the Facebook page and I liked what I saw there so I posted my icon picture with my story about how I became a "Truther." And immediately I was overwhelmed with welcoming messages and appreciation for joining the "Face of Truth"  (FOT) group. Then I realized that all were appreciative of each other and that there was a profound thirst for "911 Truthers" to come together. I also noticed some great concerns that most all the members seemed to express that needed attention by some means. 1) Our nation has been overthrown by those who don't care for the people of it; 2) An expectation of another very large False Flag operation that would eclipse the 911 Truth movement and put all of us, America and likely the whole world, in an irreparable condition; 3) The fear that the 911 Truth movement will become a marginalized note in history like the "JFK Assassination," and several others we could name; 4) The use of all major media to deceive and misinform the people.


I was then immediately struck with the idea that we the people of this group working with other 911 Truth groups should work together to host a worldwide GLOBAL 911 TRUTH SUMMIT / ASSEMBLY / CONVENTION where all the 911 researchers of renown could come together at one place and present their evidence and meet together to hash out the future use and role of all this irrefutable, and compelling evidence. Therefore, I made a new Facebook Group page entitled GLOBAL 911 TRUTH ASSEMBLY PLANNERS where all those interested could participate in the planning of this preeminent event to provide the opportunity for all to meet each other in person and see and talk to our 911 Truth giants face to face. I thank Claudio Marty for setting this all in motion. And in my talk with him on the phone he confessed that he did not anticipate the response he has had from his endeavor. This is only further confirmation that something is about to happen that is greater than any one of us or even all of us. And criminal empires and black ops cannot stop an idea whose time has come.


I am an architect in the so-called "State of Texas" I have worked on all sizes and types of projects with small, medium and very large architectural firms. I was aware that Police Officers were predicting the complete implementation of the police state in America by the year 2000 in their booklet entitled Operation Vampire Killer. When I heard that one of the Twin Towers had collapsed from being hit by a jet passenger plane I knew this was going to be the tool by which it would be accomplished. The cops were a year off. I didn't know any details of just how it all could happen but I smelled a rat. I opened a website called www.PostWTC.com the very next day to track all the federal crime and changes in the way we live that would result. I was the 23rd signature on the www.AE911Truth.org petition for a new independent investigation of the demolition of the WTC. I have done my own two hour video on the subject on Youtube. Go there and search "911 Undeniable Conspiracy." It's in two parts. I'm glad to meet you all and like this idea. I also have a website called www.911uc.org which you will also find interesting that goes along with the videos.

Global 9/11 Truth Assembly Planners / Facebook Group

9/11 Conspiracy Undeniable Evidence (Court Trial Evidence) Part 1 Part 2 (Official Video)

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