I Am The Face of Truth
1 billion people on Facebook can use a little 9/11 awareness seeding from us Truthers as we travel around in the various groups & pages.
Both advocate 9/11 Truth. Which one is more likely to have a positive result?
Actual Facebook page modified to hide this identity Actual Facebook page of Mike
We wouldn't want you to hurt your business or job beause of political or controversial views.  It's estimated that millions of users have created separate Facebook accounts for this very reason because of the urgency of helping to expose the 9/11 fraud.  It's not hard to do. Just get a new email account like gmail then log out of your current Facebook account then create a new one for your 9/11 advocacy using your new email.  You can change your name & other information to create the account.  Example: your name John Doe / new name Truth Teller
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are a worldwide grassroots movement for 9/11 Truth & Justice. We want to be associated only with evidence that can be held up to the harshest scrutiny in any fair court on the planet. We do not want to be associated with theories that cannot be scientifically proven such as: Directed Energy Weapons, nuclear weapons, or 'no planes' at the World Trade Center towers.
Need help with creating a 9/11 awarness picture?  Email to IAmTheFaceOfTruth@gmail.com