Because it´s personal , and quite simple, convert your profile picture to a truth banner.

Sven Hütter - GERMANY - I Am The Face of Truth“A campaign which unites Truthers Worldwide, the people out there should see how many doubt the official story they told us” ….  that's what it´s about, to be perceived!  In May this year, I ´ve become aware of this Grassroots campaign by a Canadian friend of mine, she introduced me to Claudio and from then on, it was very clear to me!  I was immediately convinced about the campaign.  Because it´s personal , and quite simple, convert your profile picture to a truth banner and the awaking story is just a click away.  Imagine the whole world wide web would be full of those awareness banners, everyone that joins the campaign is another drop until we reached a great Ocean, an Ocean filled with so many People who stand for truth and justice.  We only can reach this goal if we think big and pull on the same rope. 
No excuses, 13 Years are enough!  Want a change?  Then be it!
Truth up folks!

My Awakening Story:
          9/11 We will never forget!  2008 Awaken from the deep sleep and from the hypnosis of the Mainstream News.  All my thoughts were externally controlled for 21 Years !  I recognized that complete different machinations and motives behind the attacks…  Seriously to believe that a few simple cave warriors from Tora Bora actually successfully managed the attacks against the greatest Military Nation in the Western Hemisphere with 4 Planes is a joke!  To recognize that the whole story is a lie and False Flag Attack suffice few questions and the obvious facts!  The official story the media told us is preposterous!  It's full of lies and inconsistencies!  Alone seriously to think that a few “Cave Warriors” from Tora Bora actually managed the attacks and tricked the greatest military nation of the Western World with four passenger aircraft without any prior knowledge of the secret services is a joke!  To recognize that the whole story is a lie it´s enough just to ask a few questions and show Hard facts (NOT "theories")

1: How can it be that 3 skyscrapers collapse in almost free fall speed into dust and ashes in New York? (The third building was WTC7 was not hit by an airplane and fell in the afternoon fully self together !!!) 2 Plan 3 Buildings!

2: The hijackers of Flight 93 were reportedly overwhelmed by the civilians and brought the machine to crash in a field near the town of Shanksville (Pennsylvania) However, they found neither bodies nor wreckage there !!!! Only a small hole in the ground the plane simply fizzles out

3: Hani Hanjour that was not able to manage a small Cessna safely in the air, flew a Boeing 757 at ground level into the Pentagon .... The strike hole in the Pentagon was only 5 m wide, the span of a Boing 757 is 38.05 m and the height is 13.5 m !!!!

4: All camera recordings of the Pentagon, and all gas stations in the area surrounding the Pentagon and the records of Sheraton Pentagon City hotels were seized a few minutes after Hanjours "miracle" by the FBI !!! We were only presented a pixelated shot of a works security camera. 5: How can it be that the entire air defense of the United States (NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command) was totally confused and send no single Fighter Jet to the hijacked planes to force them to land???

Anyone who has grasped the extent to finally know what is played here on earth, it's about power, money, oil and geopolitical interests ... And the great thing about terrorism is that you can never defeat terror and with the "brand" Terror repeatedly to exercise False Flag events to Enforce Corporate interests ! And False flag attacks / False Flag Operations ...existed long before 9/11 !!!


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