You are not alone anymore in your fight for 9/11 justice.

Ulrich Sherry - AUSTRALIA for 9/11 Truth     My initial awareness of 9/11 and it's anomalies were via Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the documentary " Explosive Evidence ".  However, during the process, I also came across a link to " I am the Face of Truth " and of course the inimitable Claudio Marty, and his Team.  Relentless in the pursuit of Truth and Justice for the 9/11 victims and families.  Slowly we built a solid friendship even though I was thousands of miles away in the Antipodes, (Australia).  Part of our discussions regarding 9/11 event was that not only Americans were affected by this tragedy.  People from over 20 countries were lost in this act of mass murder.  With this in mind we entertained the idea that pressure on the US to re investigate 9/11 was quite likely to come from outside of the USA, where International Courts could preside on behalf of it's citizens.  An area where the Neocons have less influence over due process.  And so the World Wide Face of Truth was born.  Banners were created with supporters of 9/11 Truth from all over the world.  Germany, UK, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Russia, everywhere.  This has become a phenomenon insofar as it has brought a fresh perspective to the issue.  It has allowed commentary and a feeling of a united front with our brothers and sisters in The USA.  You are not alone anymore in your fight for 9/11 justice.  This initiative has created an exponential increase of members.  With every FOT member using a banner on his/her profile picture, every person on FB or other medium receiving a comment will also get the subliminal message of 9/11 Truth awareness.  I have noticed that some of my most ardent critics are now showing signs of awareness and posting questions about the control governments have and the erosion of our rights.  THEY ARE ASKING QUESTIONS!

My Awakening Story:
     Once you know the Truth about 9/11, you can't go back.  It is a big responsibility and can't be ignored.  I tried because it was causing a lot of conflict with my friends, but at the end of the day you have to draw a line in the sand and stand up for the Truth.  9/11 as big as it is, is only one part of a much bigger problem, but unless we can get this event addressed and acknowledged by those that have the power to bring justice for the victims, we are never going to resolve the underlying issues.  This is not just an issue for Americans. It is a concern for everyone on the planet.

Favorite Videos or links
Explosive Evidence    Facebook Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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