Christopher Bollyn - The Personification of 911 Truth
Christopher Bollyn - The Personification of 911 Truth

Christopher Bollyn, an independent American journalist and author living abroad, has emerged as one of the world's leading authorities on the 2001 attacks on America--becoming the personification of 911 TRUTH & UNDERSTANDING for many seeking to peel back the layers of obfuscation concealing the evidence and intentions.

The assault on American soil on September 11, 2001, has become the defining event of our time. It was the catalyst for an erosion of civil liberties and a state of, seemingly, endless war. 911, the climatic psyop in a crime of unprecedented complexity and proportion, defies and defines our greater ability to perceive the world. It possesses the power to transform us from pawns to activists and advocates for peace and justice on, what would otherwise be, a chessboard manipulated by oligarchs for their benefit alone.

    From day one Christopher Bollyn began to decipher the clues and assemble the pieces of evidence in the puzzle which paints the picture many refer to today simply as 911 TRUTH. Soon after the attacks, Bollyn discovered and developed an obscure article in a New Jersey newspaper about five young men arrested, with residue of explosives in their van, which tied the destruction of The World Trade Center to the Israel's secret intelligence agency, Mossad. This early discovery demonstrated Israeli foreknowledge and probable complicity in the attacks. This news story has become so well known it is referred to today simply as "The Dancing Israelis" because the five young men (two known Mossad operatives) were spotted filming and "high fiving" as the first plane struck a World Trade Center tower.

Bollyn wrote an article in 2005 about the high temperatures required to produce the molten iron witnesses described seeing at the base of the World Trade Center towers, which burned for 100 days (the longest burning structural fire in history). This led to the discovery of a highly sophisticated form of thermite--a military grade demolition material--engineered in government controlled laboratories on the Nano technological level. This article, in turn, led to an important peer reviewed scientific paper published in 2009, which has not been successfully challenged by any other peer reviewed scientific paper since publication. Bollyn's work not only helped reveal HOW 911 happened but also WHO did it and WHY.

Bollyn's research and findings were not published without consequence. He became the victim of a violent assault, a malicious prosecution and the subject of a CNN hit piece on the eve of his trial. Undeterred, Bollyn escaped the clutches of corrupt Chicago authorities, relocated out of the country and, at the urging of his wife, published a two volume set of books which fleshed out his understanding of the significance of these events--unveiling the anatomy of the crime and the deception with footnotes, which allowed his readers to see his work and explore his sources. He continues to expand our knowledge and understanding through more articles, lectures and interviews with generous allotments of time for questions with answers for his audience. Christopher Bollyn is revered by students of 911 and returns the honor by supporting grassroots efforts such as the campaign I AM THE FACE OF TRUTH. His work has inspired countless independent researchers and "desk top" documentarians who champion and build upon the findings of his work.

Christopher Bollyn came to this subject uniquely qualified to understand the events that are driving history, not only now, but for the better part of the last one hundred years. His book names names, identifies patterns, and gives his readers the information needed to comprehend these forces like no other. His presentations balance the information needed for a basic understanding for those new to the subject of 911, with details unfamiliar to many who have examined this subject for years. Christopher Bollyn is a rare survivor from the virtually extinct field of investigative journalism and, what he has uncovered is a small mountain of reliable research vital to anyone concerned, not only about the future of America but, also concerned, about the future of the world. Turn off your TV, attend his lectures and open his books. His information is presented in formats that are easy to understand and follow. He can provide you with the tools you need to begin to develop your own understanding of the events surrounding 911and the world. This is the Information Age, and everyone possesses the potential to evolve from a pawn to an individual in control of one's own destiny. You will be glad you did. Learn the truth. Work with others. Change the world. Our future and survival, along with the future and survival of the generations to follow, may rest with you.

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"Solving 9-11 Ends the War." The lecture tour, which began on January 11, is focused on presenting the essential facts and evidence that prove that the "War on Terror" is a fraud that was kick-started by the false-flag terror deception of 9-11.

If we allow the 9-11 deception to continue, we enable those who are behind the terror atrocity and the "War on Terror" to enslave us and our nation to their destructive agenda of war. 
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