Tips for 9/11 Truth Advocates #2

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The objective of these videos and their accompanying web pages are to help you become a more effective 9/11 Truth Advocate.

I will break this page down into 3 parts.

1. Making the reader understand that 9/11 Truth is the key on exposing it all and you are not wasting your time advocating for it.
2. Understand your individual role in the truth movement and how we have all been indoctrinated to self destruct.
3. How can we all get “ON THE SAME PAGE AT THE SAME TIME” to reach our goal.

If you are truly serious about getting to 9/11 Truth then these tips will help. Getting to any worthwhile goal is doable if you have made a solid decision to get there.

What is your motivation to get to 9/11 truth? – Think of it as if you just became president of the United States and had a to-do list to get done on day one.

How far down the ultimate truth rabbit hole do you want to go down? Some stop at a certain point because ultimate truth may scare them. Please note: Propaganda is not free speech, it’s mind manipulation. In a just world, it would be a criminal act to spread propaganda. Free Speech Has Legal And Ethical Confines, Propaganda Does Not.

Some don’t get it.  If the truth will set us free, we must recognize the lies holding us back.    They have indoctrinated us to oppose each other and it’s vigorously and relentlessly reinforced, coming from every conceivable direction imaginable.  But unfortunately for most of us, some people can’t let go because the indoctrination is too comforting for them.  It caters to their inner flaws and those flaws only work in favor of “the establishment.” – The puppet masters.  And that’s what we all must understand already!

If you woke up about the reality of 9/11 truth, don’t stop there – you need to keep waking up.  >>> We MUST KNOW our enemy if we are to defeat it. <<<
In order Understand that the whole system is corrupted.  We must let go of all adopted labels (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian. left, right, etc.) and become a movement that demands truth and justice on every level.  You can be sure that there is corruption in all institutions everywhere.  You want a label?  How about “human-being?”

“You are a reflection of who you hang out with.” – Are your like-minded friends ideological or pragmatic?

9/11 Truth Advocates are like whistleblowers.  – 9/11 truth will expose the corruption in the system, but we must remember, we come from the very system we want to expose.  They have indoctrinated us all our lives, some more than others and that is where the conflict between us arises from.  Some insist on bringing the system’s baggage with them into a movement, they remain an ideological’ (i·de·o·logue/ˈīdēəˌlôɡ,ˈidēəˌlôɡ/ An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.”he doesn’t consider himself a political ideologue, preferring to arrive at conclusions pragmatically” .   the very system that created all the toxic baggage – too many are insisting on. – DOGMATIC: To strongly state unsupported opinions or beliefs as if they were absolute facts. – versus, PRAGMATIC: Concentrating on practical results and facts instead of speculation and opinion. 

When it comes to the 9/11 truth movement; the vast amount of people are on the same page at the same time with just a handful of trouble-makers mucking things up.  What united us were facts.  What has been dividing the movement are those that put facts to the side when it comes to ideology and comforting disinformation when it comes to other issues.  Those that did 9/11 and other atrocities to humanity must always stay in control of the individual, getting that individual into “group thinking” cliques about various issues that ultimately divides us all.


  1. Only truth and facts in the mainstream media.  No half truths, but only 100% truth – Any media outlet that does not comply must be sold or closed.
  2. Only truth and facts must be spoken or written by politicians.  No half truths, but only 100% truth – ANY politician that does not comply must resign,  either from the so-called left, right or center.
  3. Overturn “Citizens United.” – No more money in politics. 
  4. The government was established for “the people,” and will no longer be for the wealthy or other “special interests.”
  5. Re-evaluate all wars immediately. 
  6. Expose all humanitarian crises that have been covered up by the media and politicians, then deal with them responsibly.


  • What is your motivation to get to 9/11 truth. – Think of it as if you just became president of the United States and had a to-do list to get done on day one.
  • 50% of success is just showing up.  –  Are you showing up regarding 9/11 Truth?  Got a bumper sticker?  Do you periodically wear a 9/11 Truth T-shirt? Got an awareness banner?  Become the AD for 9/11 Truth. 
  • 911 truth is a catalyst.  They don’t want us focusing on it then, now, or ever. – Exposing the 9/11 cover-up would prove that our government is systemically corrupt, and can no longer be trusted on any issue… Because of all the past lies discovered from the government and the media, especially learning about the 9/11 false flag – everything is suspect. Even if the system was occasionally speaking truth, too many cannot believe them and you can’t blame them. That is why exposing the 9/11 lie is so important. It will expose the system. The people need a clean slate to start all over again. 1 domino can knock down the rest if we knock down the right domino.   9/11 truth is the first domino.
  • 9/11 Truth Advocates are bombarded with distractions and that’s not by accident. We are bombarded by attention seekers, from the media to our social media friends and strangers.
  • If you fully understand the fruits or rewards to getting to an objective, then that should help you stay motivated and not to get sidetracked.
  • Understand, that we currently have some tools and rights left at our disposal, and we must use them with the utmost urgency.  The clock is always ticking and it NOT in our favor.
  • Most of us have been exposed to how there are platoons of agents online hiding in plain site pretending to be fellow advocates. Take that seriously. We are at war, an awareness war, and the establishment’s hired-hands job is to make sure we never get to the momentum that we really need to turn the tide on getting the right people in power, who have been in the closet, waiting in the wings to have the courage and the public support to speak up regarding 9/11.

Apply successful techniques used in everyday life in advocacy.
Reinvent the wheel - To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others.

    Focus requires discipline.  Follow One Course Until Successful.
  2. Are you Grown-Up enough to put certain things in your mental file drawer for the good of the entire 9/11 Truth Movement?
  3. Are you a divider or a uniter?
  4. Careful about who you hang out with.  The infamous Al Capone said, “I’d rather have 4 quarters than a hundred pennies.” – A handful of walkers or doers will accomplish more than 5,000 thousand talkers.
  5. Most advocates have become part of the entertainment division in the movement.  They want to talk some more (20 years went by since 9/11/01) read some more and laugh some more online.   If you want to help the 9/11 truth movement advance the cause, become a volunteer with one of the 9/11 Truth organizations.  Just simply say, “How can I help you get the word out?” –
  6. Leadership can be a lonely place.  But without strategic leadership, there is no hope.
  7. If something is divisive to advocates, chuck it!  The cabal will bombard us with PSY-OPs – that is their strategy, throw everything at us to see what sticks.  And once you take hold of their ice-cream flavor that you like, you have unwittingly become one of their troves of henchman.   –  If politics is what divides you from other advocates then let’s simplify the complicated.  If the politicians you are rooting for are bought and paid for, then they are not representing you but are using you to gain power and not work for their constituents.
  8. Ask a question like: “what do you think/know about 9/11?”  Most people “think they know.” Then carefully listen. – Use the “What do you think of” list below.
  9. Less is definitely more.  Let the other person do most of the talking.  Most have a lot to unload from their chest.
  10. Have a conversation and not a lecture or monologue.  Do the best you can to balance.
  11. Stick to the subject at hand and don’t go off to another topic unless they want to.  You have planted a seed, now give it time to germinate.
  12. I highly recommend reading an article titled “The Art of Conversation or Improve Your Conversation Skills” to fine tune your communication skills.

“What do you think of?” - list

Just bring up topics that a 5 year-old can understand. "Thermite" may be beyond their understanding.

  1. Hundreds of eyewitnesses on the scene at ground zero including, firefighters, police, news reporters and many other emergency workers heard and felt explosions before and during the collapse of both towers, but the government ignored all those witnesses.  Do you have any idea why?
  2. Countless of eyewitnesses who survived blasts from the lobby before the first plane hit were ignored by investigators.  Then the government (NIST) said “there were no explosions on 9/11/2001.  Why is this allowed?
  3. William Rodriguez, a maintenance worker in one of the towers survived a huge explosion when he was at the sub-level in one of the towers.  After that explosion, the first plane hit above.  But according to the government, there were no bombs planted anywhere on 9/11.
  4. What do you think of the bone fragments of the victims that were found on the adjacent rooftops in the vicinity of the towers?  What could have caused that?  Don’t you find that unusual? 
  5. How is it possible that office furnishing could not be found except in small fragments.  All other building collapses you can find crushed furniture, computers, filing cabinets and so on, or at least in chunks but not on 9/11.  What could have caused that?  You can get more talking points from this link from
  6. Why weren’t military jets deployed on 9/11?  Military jets are scrambled routinely for just 1 potentially hijacked plane, but why not when four planes were confirmed to be hijacked on 9/11?
  7. How could the Pentagon, one of the most protected buildings on the planet be hit by a plane or anything else for that matter?

    From the short list above, I hope you get the idea.  Make up your own and be sure to share it with us.  Thanks



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