Who Are We?

we are determined to promote 9/11 truth to the world!

Our Mission

“We are a worldwide grassroots campaign designed to create awareness with online banner profile pictures, social media, billboards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, videos and more to promote 9/11 truth and to foster unity for the entire Truth Movement.  Our 9/11 Truth Awareness Profile Picture Banners are a simple tool that we can all use to put a wedge in the wheels of the Mainstream Media’s propaganda machine in the realm of social media and beyond are an instrument for change.  They are a very simple but POWERFUL TOOL to show unity and solidarity for truth, so that we can be sure humanity WINS!” Kevin Brant

9-11 Truth Now
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Below are just a few benefits of using a 9/11 Awareness Profile Picture Banner:

  • They work 24/7, 365 days a year, even while you’re sleeping.
  • 9/11 Awareness Banners are Passive Advertisements, like a yard sign or bumper-sticker or even a t-shirt.
  • They have real potential to reach a worldwide audience.
  • They Unite People from All Over The World.
  • They help advocates NOT to blend into the woodwork with the general public – “Out of sight, out of mind.”
  • They enhance 9/11 brand exposure.  Shown in high numbers, they can help make 9/11 Truth become popular.
  • They’re free, but you can help support the campaign with a donation.

Billions of people from around the world need to know that “9/11 Truth Advocates” are, moms, dads, architects, engineers, firefighters, scientists, teachers, nurses, cops, doctors, pilots, iron-workers, intelligent, caring, loving, empathetic and Cool!    We’re not as they portray us on the 24/7 corporatized news media.  Be part of history… 

Become part of the solution - Help spread 9/11 Awareness

We’d like to invite you to join our 9/11 Awareness Banner campaign.  It’s about showing a united front & using the power of passive marketing to create 9/11 awareness throughout the internet WORLDWIDE.  It’s really that simple.

Everyone doing a little and a lot gets done!

Help Spread 9/11 Truth Online

You can help get 9/11 Truth out to the masses.   Use your profile picture or avatar to spread awareness wherever you go on Facebook and anywhere else you use a profile picture on the internet. Your face is more powerful than you think & combine it with 9/11 text & we’ve got a powerful tool to use to spread the message.    We need that human to human connection to make a difference.  Want change?  Then ‘SHOW’ it!

  • Use our Submit Picture Form to get a 9/11 Awareness Profile Picture or
  • If you’re on Facebook, you can simply join our group to get a 9/11 Awareness Profile Picture Banner – Just click here.


Here are some of them on the team

Help Spread 9/11 Truth Online
Mike Arnold
Help Spread 9/11 Truth Online
Carolyn Fifi
Help Spread 9/11 Truth Online
Kevin Brant
Michael Atkinson, U.S. Army Veteran for 9/11 Truth
Michael Atkinson
Help Spread 9/11 Truth Online
Claudio Marty