The Criminal Destruction of 9/11 Evidence - Part 4

A person commits the federal crime of tampering with evidence when he or she knowingly alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to interfere with an investigation, possible investigation, or other proceedings by the federal government.

Compiled by Kevin Brant

Demolition Access to the WTC Towers: Part Four – Cleanup / February 2010 / Kevin Ryan:

The forensic investigation of explosions typically aims to determine who had the means, opportunity and motive to accomplish the explosive event. When that approach is taken with the WTC, we can see that those who had the greatest means and opportunity also had the greatest motive.

In addition to the actual placement of explosives, those involved would need to cleanup any evidence of explosives remaining at the site. …the debris was considered highly sensitive and nearly all the steel evidence was quickly destroyed. Additionally, although security at the site was intense, safety management was lax or nonexistent and… known criminal entities were hired to accomplish the debris removal, and that evidence was stolen from Fresh Kills landfill with the approval and coordination of FBI agents.

This was reported by Richard Zarrillo, an EMT at the scene, when he said: “OEM [Office of Emergency Management for NY] says the buildings are going to collapse; we need to get out,” and “I was just at OEM. The message I was given was that the buildings are going to collapse; we need to get our people out.”

Fire department Captain Abdo Nahmod was with Zarrillo, just before they were warned, and both had been told to make the OEM functional in WTC7. But, Nahmod reported: “Moments thereafter we were advised by the staff at OEM that we were to vacate the building [and] that they believed there was another possible plane on its way and [we] proceeded down the stairwell of World Trade [7] all the way down to the ground floor.”

In the lobby of Building 7, Zarillo and Nahmod apparently met with EMS Division Chief John Peruggia, OEM Deputy Director Richard Rotanz and an unidentified representative from the City’s Department of Buildings. Peruggia later said, “ was brought to my attention, it was believed that the structural damage that was suffered to the towers was quite significant and they were very confident that the building’s stability was compromised and they felt that the north tower was in danger of a near imminent collapse.”

Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer, who was at the command post in the lobby of the North Tower, testified that — “Right before the South Tower collapsed, I noticed a lot of people just left the lobby, and I heard we had a crew of all different people, high-level people in government, everybody was gone, almost like they had information that we didn’t have.”

Who were these high-level people in government gathering in the lobby of the north tower, that had information others did not have? Reports are that this group included Richard Sheirer, the director of the OEM. It was said that — “He’s the guy Giuliani calls the man behind the curtain.” Others suggested: “Since September 11, Sheirer has taken charge of the biggest cleanup effort in American history.” Whether or not he helped with the cleanup, Sheirer did have significant responsibility in his role, having at various times “briefed President Bush, Tony Blair, and Henry Kissinger”.
In any case, this is an incredible statement — that “they were very confident that the building’s stability was compromised” — considering that no building had ever suffered global collapse from fire. Zarrillo learned just how incredible this information was when he tried to spread the word to the fire chiefs in other areas, none of whom had predicted any such danger. When Zarrillo told Chief Ganci about Peruggia’s startling news, Ganci’s response was, “who the fuck told you that?”

Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer, who was at the command post in the lobby of the North Tower, testified that — “Right before the South Tower collapsed, I noticed a lot of people just left the lobby, and I heard we had a crew of all different people, high-level people in government, everybody was gone, almost like they had information that we didn’t have.”

Who were these high-level people in government gathering in the lobby of the north tower, that had information others did not have? Reports are that this group included Richard Sheirer, the director of the OEM. It was said that — “He’s the guy Giuliani calls the man behind the curtain.” Others suggested: “Since September 11, Sheirer has taken charge of the biggest cleanup effort in American history.” Whether or not he helped with the cleanup, Sheirer did have significant responsibility in his role, having at various times “briefed President Bush, Tony Blair, and Henry Kissinger”.

Sheirer now works at Giuliani’s firm, Giuliani Partners, along with Pasquale J. (Pat) D’Amuro, the FBI agent who ran the PENTTBOM investigation and stole evidence from Ground Zero (see below), and Michael D. Hess, who was present in WTC7 with explosive witness Barry Jennings. Bernard Kerik worked at Giuliani Partners as well. …Kerik took a short leave when he was appointed… Senior Policy Advisor to L. Paul Bremer, then the Iraq Occupation Governor. In Iraq…

An unprecedented destruction of evidence
The US House Committee on Science reported, in March 2002:

“In the month that lapsed between the terrorist attacks and the deployment of the [FEMA] BPAT team, a significant amount of steel debris–including most of the steel from the upper floors–was removed from the rubble pile, cut into smaller sections, and either melted at the recycling plant or shipped out of the U.S. Some of the critical pieces of steel–including the suspension trusses from the top of the towers and the internal support columns–were gone before the first BPAT team member ever reached the site.”

The steel evidence, “a significant amount” of which was quickly removed before investigators arrived, might have shown evidence of explosive damage, like metal “pedaling.” But the steel was not the only evidence that was removed. For example, the black boxes that contain the flight data recorders and cockpit data recorders on every airliner were officially never found for either AA Flight 11 or UA Flight 175. This claim came from the FBI and was supported by the 9/11 Commission report, but was contradicted by a number of people who worked at the site. Two Ground Zero workers claimed that they helped authorities find three of the four black boxes in October of 2001. One of them, New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi, described the recovery of the devices in a book. Additionally, a source from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), said — ” Off the record, we had the boxes..You’d have to get the official word from the FBI as to where they are, but we worked on them here.”

The idea that the indestructible black boxes could not be found also appears to be in contradiction to the official claim that a passport of one of the alleged hijackers was found. 9/11 Commission staff member Susan Ginsberg testified that — “A passerby picked it up and gave it to a NYPD detective shortly before the World Trade Center towers collapsed.” In other words, the passport was delivered through [NYC Police Commissioner] Bernard Kerik’s department.

Due to the fact that nanothermite has been discovered in the WTC dust, any unexploded nanothermite would be important. But to remove such state-of-the-art evidence, one would need the experience to recognize it.

We have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in all the samples we have studied of the dust produced by the destruction of the World Trade Center. Examination of four of these samples, collected from separate sites, is reported in this paper. These red/gray chips show marked similarities in all four samples. One sample was collected by a Manhattan resident about ten minutes after the collapse of the second WTC Tower, two the next day, and a fourth about a week later. The properties of these chips were analyzed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The red material contains grains approxi-mately 100 nm across which are largely iron oxide, while aluminum is contained in tiny plate-like structures. Separation of components using methyl ethyl ketone demonstrated that elemental aluminum is present. The iron oxide and aluminum are intimately mixed in the red material. When ignited in a DSC device the chips exhibit large but narrow exotherms oc-curring at approximately 430 ̊C, far below the normal ignition temperature for conventional thermite. Numerous iron-rich spheres are clearly observed in the residue following the ignition of these peculiar red/gray chips. The red portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic.

One such experienced organization was Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

It turns out that SAIC was one of the first organizations to show up at Ground Zero.

The Cleanup Operation

During the five-month cleanup effort, there were unprecedented measures taken to control access to the site. The site was restricted, and photographs were banned, by order of Rudy Giuliani. Anthony Mann of E.J. Electric, one of the primary security companies for the WTC towers, said that — “Security is unbelievable. It’s really on a need-to-be-down-there basis.”

Debris removal and theft

The debris removed from Ground Zero was either hauled away on trucks or shipped away on barges. Despite the effort to rapidly dispose of the steel and sell it at a bargain price, the WTC debris was considered highly sensitive. At first the trucks were tracked using a paper-based system, and later GPS devices were fixed to each truck with “antennas to monitor location, cellular wireless antennas to communicate, and multiple I/Os to track vehicle signals from engine systems.”
As the debris was received at Fresh Kills landfill, it was sorted carefully. This sorting process was supervised by federal agents, and described in this way: “Teams of officers and agents watch as the rubble is sifted down to a fine ashy silt that they then rake through by hand.” More than a year later, honest FBI agents reported the theft of some of this debris at the Fresh Kills site.

Therefore we have additional reasons to suspect that explosive materials were being hidden or destroyed during the cleanup. Those who were in control of Ground Zero did have the means and opportunity to dispose of any evidence of explosives. The opportunity came in the form of access to the highly secure site, as well as the authority to hire suspected crime syndicate companies to perform the actual cleanup. Theft of evidence by FBI agents at Fresh Kills landfill provides yet more suspicion that remnants of explosive devices were being removed.

Who Sold the 9/11 Steel for Scrap? – May, 2011 -Christopher Bollyn:

Andrew J. Naporano, the former president of Metal Management Northeast (formerly Naporano Iron and Metal Co. of Newark, New Jersey), was a consultant involved in selling the structural steel and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap from the World Trade Center after 9/11. The effort to recycle the steel was actually criminal destruction of crucial evidence from the crime scene. The hasty destruction of the steel evidence was thinly disguised as a recovery and clean-up operation. Destroying the evidence was an intrinsic part of the false-flag terror atrocity of 9/11, a crime of historic proportions.

I contacted Mr. Naporano while researching my chapter on the destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center. He wrote back to me and included a MS Word document, which is his “World Trade Center Job Summary Report” dated August 6, 2002.

Naporano says that the New York City Department of Sanitation (DOS) received 1,457,703 tons of debris, which he estimated may have contained between 2-5 percent scrap steel. Steel scrap found in this debris would have been shipped to the Jersey City junkyard of Hugo Neu, which had the scrap steel contract with the DOS.

Who was in charge?

Naporano was the consultant for the sales of the steel but he was not in charge. He explains that the Port Authority (the owner of the World Trade Center) “was overseeing my work.” The Port Authority was then headed by Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg. Chairman Eisenberg was the key person to approve the bids from the seven junkyards bidding on the steel. Eisenberg chose three junkyards to receive the evidence from the crime: Metal Management Northeast, Hugo Neu Schnitzer East, and the smaller Blandford. All three companies are controlled by Zionists [Ideologues who support Israel].

Eisenberg remained in the key position as chairman of the Port Authority until the end of the 2001.  Eisenberg played a key role in the setting up of the 9/11 terror attacks and in the “clean up” after the explosive demolitions in which nearly 3,000 people were murdered. Eisenberg chose who would get the lease for the towers (the Zionist agents Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy gained control of the towers) and to whom the structural steel would be sold when the towers were destroyed six weeks later.

Naporano’s report says, “Finally, approval was given to sell to a limited number of buyers. (The list was expanded on subsequent bids).” The three bidders who were chosen by Eisenberg were Metals Management, Inc., Hugo Neu Schnitzer, and Blandford Land Development. Hugo Neu received more than 250,000 tons of ferrous scrap from the World Trade Center.

Solving 911, Chapter 15 – The Destruction of the Evidence -Christopher Bollyn:

Steel is said to have a memory because when it is exposed to explosions or extreme heat its structure is affected. Because explosions and thermite leave permanent telltale signs on steel, the real masterminds of 9/11 had arranged a network in advance to manage the quick recovery and hasty destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center – before it could be examined by experts.

…I discovered that the scrapyard that managed the destruction of most of the steel had employed a team of metal traders sent by a high-level agent of the Mossad to dispose of the steel by sending it to Asian smelters…

In January 1999 the Business Wire reported that two scrap iron traders who worked for Marc Rich [the international commodities trader, hedge fund manager, financier and Israeli agent pardoned by Bill Clinton] and his renamed company, Glencore AG, were being sent to New York to create an international trading division at Hugo Neu Schnitzer East, the scrap metal company who managed the destruction of the lion’s share of the steel from the World Trade Center. Marc Rich and his lieutenant Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore International, are both Israeli citizens with close ties to the Mossad. The head of the Marc Rich Foundation in Israel is a former Mossad operative named Avner Azulay (also spelled Azoulai).

The Marc Rich Foundation in Israel is run by Azulay working out of Shaul Eisenberg’s Asia House in Tel Aviv. Eisenberg is the mega Mossad operative owner of Israel Corp., Israel Aircraft Industries, ZIM shipping, ATASCO, and hundreds of ventures in Asia, including Atwell Security, the Mossad company that obtained the security contract for the World Trade Center in the 1980s. (See Chapter 2, “The Planes of 9/11”)

[ZIM shipping was headquartered in the WTC but moved out two weeks prior to the 911 attacks].

Shaul Eisenberg left Germany in 1939 and moved to the Far East, making his primary bases of operation Japanese-occupied Shanghai and Japan itself. In Shanghai, Eisenberg, along with Imperial Japanese military intelligence units, formed units of future Jewish terrorist groups – the Irgun and the Shanghai Betar. The Irgun and Betar gangs used the knowledge gained from the Japanese in their terror campaign against British and Arab forces in Palestine following World War II.

Eventually, Irgun and Betar veterans would create the Likud Party, which is now headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, an extreme right-winger. After the war, Eisenberg began selling iron and steel scrap. Married to a Japanese woman who converted to Judaism, Eisenberg established the Israel Corporation, a huge holding company, which, during the 1970s, began to secretly export Israeli military equipment and weapons to China. Under a Panama-based company called United Development, Inc., Eisenberg began exporting weapons to Central America’s most insidious dictatorships, including that of Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua. Eisenberg’s vast holdings eventually included Israel Aircraft Industries and Zim Israel Navigation Company.

Hugo Neu “played a pivotal role as the principal recycler of steel from the World Trade Center,” the company says about its role in the destruction of the steel. Robert A. Kelman, then senior vice president and general manager of Hugo Neu, told the Associated Press in 2002 that his company had handled 250,000 tons of trade center scrap and had shipped it to 11 countries, including Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Kelman said Hugo Neu had a work force of nearly one hundred people working on the scrap metal from the World Trade Center, including 25 workers assigned to girder cutting, working around the clock in twelve-hour shifts.

The people at Hugo Neu and Metal Management Northeast were obviously engaged in a hasty effort to cut up the steel, mix it with other scrap, and export it to distant Asian smelters. The real purpose behind this effort was to prevent the steel from being properly examined and becoming evidence that could expose the real cause of the explosive demolition that claimed nearly 2,800 lives. The crucial roles played by Hugo Neu and Metal Management in the recycling of the steel did not happen by accident but were part of a well organized plan to ensure the destruction of the evidence from the World Trade Center.

The second generation German-Jewish scrap dealer was certainly well prepared to handle the massive job. In August 2001, Hugo Neu was engaged in a private-public project to dredge the narrow, two-mile Claremont Channel that ships used to reach its yard.

The channel, which was only 10 feet deep in places, was dredged to a depth of 34 feet. Because the dredging was done to improve shipping for Hugo Neu, the company paid $24 million while the New Jersey Office of Maritime Resources paid $20.5 million. The dredging allowed larger ships to load at Hugo Neu’s Claremont facility, which is exactly what was required to export the 9/11 steel on ocean-going vessels to Asia.

To broker the deals with Asian mills Hugo Neu had created a global trading division in 1999, headed by two veteran ferrous metal traders from Marc Rich and Glencore AG in Switzerland.

Why didn’t Hugo Neu simply sell the high quality steel from the World Trade Center to U.S. mills and save money on the cost of shipping? It seems that there must have been a hidden imperative behind the decision to sell the steel to distant Asian steel mills.

Metal Management & CIBC World Markets

At CIBC World Markets, Dienst worked under David Jonathan Kassie, chairman and CEO, and Lior Bregman, the Israeli who was managing director of CIBC World Markets and its predecessor Oppenheimer & Co., from 1988 to 2001. In May 2001, the Jerusalem Post reported that CIBC was the No. 1 underwriter in Israel and had underwritten more than $4.5 billion worth of merger and acquisitions transactions during the previous five years in Israel. “CIBC Oppenheimer has been the driving force behind investment in Israel since the early 1990s,” Kassie said. In 2001, CIBC was also providing research for almost 100 Israeli companies, mainly hi-tech firms, the Post reported.

Kassie, Bregman, and Dienst were key players on the team of Zionists behind the takeover of Metal Management Inc. in 2000-2001. When the crucial steel evidence was removed from the World Trade Center and taken to the junkyards of Metal Management Northeast and Hugo Neu Schnitzer East it was being taken to companies that were controlled by dedicated partisans of the Zionist cause and the state of Israel. [Link to full chapter]
Christopher Bollyn studied history at U.C. Santa Cruz with an emphasis on Palestine/Israel. According to Wikispooks his last year at the university was spent in Norway, Greece and Baltic States where he researched the psychological effects of the Soviet occupation.
Bollyn, a journalist, was traveling through NYC on 9/11 and began covering the event from day one. His 4th book, Solving 9-11: Original Articles, Volume II, was just published as a companion to the earlier collection of articles and the book of the same name. His last book, The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East was published in August, 2018.

9/11: WTC Evidence Destruction (C-Span)

Excerpt from March 6th, 2002 hearing before the House Science Committee on the World Trade Center Collapse. Rep. Joseph Crowley questions FEMA & ASCE investigators on evidence removal and disposal. Source:


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