9/11 Suspect: Rudy Giuliani

As mayor of New York City on 9/11, Giuliani was in a unique position to benefit from the attacks.

Compiled by Kevin Brant

I Am The Face of Truth

Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers.

It is no wonder, then, that the Fire Department of New York so passionately detest Giuliani for his actions in disgracing their fallen brothers and covering up the 9/11 crime. 
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A Closer Look at 9/11 Legend Rudy Giuliani – Kevin Ryan

As mayor of New York City on 9/11, Giuliani was in a unique position to benefit from the attacks. That’s because he gained national notoriety for his presumed valiant response that day, and he received the kind of publicity that every ambitious politician desires. Immediately after 9/11, Giuliani’s approval rating rocketed to 79% among New York City voters, a dramatic increase over the 36% rating he had received a year earlier. At a 9/11 memorial service, Oprah Winfrey called him “America’s Mayor.” And on December 24, 2001, TIME magazine named Giuliani its Person of the Year for 2001.

In the years since, Giuliani’s public persona has unraveled as he has attempted to profit from 9/11.

The History of Rudy
Rudolph W. Giuliani was born an only child in 1944. Rudy’s father, Harold Giuliani (alias Joseph Starrett), was a convicted hold-up man who served time in Sing Sing prison and was later employed as an enforcer for a Mafia loan shark operation. Rudy’s uncle (his mother’s brother), Leo D’Avanzo, ran a loan-sharking and gambling operation with Jimmy Dano, “who was a made man.” Additionally, Rudy’s cousin Lewis D’Avanzo “was a stone cold gangster who was shot to death in 1977 by FBI agents when he tried to run them down with his car.”

These connections to the mob are worth considering, however, in that Rudy hired mafia–connected companies to cleanup Ground Zero after the attacks. Additionally, Rudy’s friend and close colleague Bernard Kerik, whose police department provided crucial 9/11 evidence, was also linked to organized crime.

Despite (or perhaps due to) his family’s background, Giuliani’s career soared from the start as if he had friends in high places. At the age of 29, after graduating from law school and working briefly for a judge in NYC, Giuliani was appointed as the attorney in charge of the cases resulting from the Knapp Commission’s investigation of police corruption. The indictments and convictions of NYC police officers that followed did not end the corruption however and, in particular, drug-related corruption continued unabated.

Two years later, in 1975, Giuliani was named Associate Deputy Attorney General and chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Harold Tyler. He was then brought into the Ford Administration, along with his young chief of staff Giuliani, specifically to restore the public trust after Watergate. Giuliani worked with Ford Administration officials, including Ford’s chief of staff Dick Cheney, during this time. As early as May 1976, Rudy was warning about domestic terrorism and recommending that intelligence collection policies be relaxed.

In 1981, Reagan appointed Giuliani Associate Attorney General, the third-highest position in the Department of Justice.

While Giuliani was in the Justice department, he chaired a committee that provided oversight to the government’s use of a software called PROMIS.  A database integration program, PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information System) was used by Oliver North to track terrorist threats and may have evolved into a tool for deep state uses.[8] The software was a precursor of tools used today for mass surveillance.  Note: Oct 12, 2017 — National Archives confirm what some Inslaw witnesses have been saying for decades: that a copy of PROMIS software was given to Israel.

Giuliani was appointed U.S. Attorney for SDNY in 1983. It was in this position that he first gained national prominence by prosecuting high-profile cases, including those of Wall Street figures Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. As the U.S. attorney for the SDNY, from 1983 to 1989, Giuliani was not only handling drug and organized crime cases he was in charge of representing the Federal Reserve Bank in its enforcement actions against the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). It was reported that Giuliani received documents during this time, about secret bank accounts related to terrorist financing …

During Giuliani’s tenure at the Department of Justice in the 1980s, Kamal Adham and other high-level Saudis behind BCCI were allowed to gain control of several American financial institutions. BCCI was subsequently allowed to continue funding terrorism, without being prosecuted, for many years.

In November 1986, the New York Post reported that Giuliani’s office was the primary contact point for Washington officials seeking to communicate with Cyrus Hashemi, the Iranian arms dealer behind the Iran-Contra affair and, earlier, the October Surprise.

Giuliani remained in the U.S. attorney position until January 1989, resigning at the end of the Reagan Administration. He then joined the law firm White & Case in NYC as a partner.

At the time, White & Case also had an office in Saudi Arabia. What is less well reported is that Giuliani’s firm represented not only Manuel Noriega but also represented BCCI, which was funded by powerful royals in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This should be of concern considering that “BCCI was the mother and father of terrorist financing operations.”

Another fact of concern is that Giuliani’s reputation for being tough on crime was a false front. He actually did such a poor job in his prosecutions that many of his major convictions were later overturned. The question of whether he was purposely placed in that position to undermine such cases, and thereby provide a door out for some of the accused, must be considered.

Considering that al Qaeda and 9/11 are commonly seen as a direct outgrowth and evolution of BCCI intelligence operations, Giuliani’s link to that network is enough to justify investigating his possible role in the attacks. There are a number of other compelling reasons to do so, however.


In a televised interview with ABC News immediately after the 9/11 attacks, Rudy Giuliani stated that he was told the World Trade Center towers were going to collapse before they actually did.

Problems with these remarks include that, at the time, no one familiar with structural fires or tall building construction expected anything of the kind. That is because no tall building had ever suffered global collapse from fire before…

On 9/11, staff at Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) also had foreknowledge about the collapse of the buildings, and they warned some people. This was reported by Richard Zarrillo, an EMT at the scene …

Zarrillo learned just how incredible this information was when he tried to spread the word to the fire chiefs in other areas, none of whom had predicted any such danger. When Zarrillo told Chief Ganci about Peruggia’s startling news, Ganci’s response was, “who the fuck told you that?”

Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer, who was at the command post in the lobby of the North Tower, testified that, “Right before the South Tower collapsed, I noticed a lot of people just left the lobby, and I heard we had a crew of all different people, high-level people in government, everybody was gone, almost like they had information that we didn’t have.”

Who were these high-level people in government gathering in the lobby of the North Tower that had information others did not have? Reports are that this group included Richard Sheirer, the director of the OEM. It was said that, “He’s the guy Giuliani calls the man behind the curtain.“. Others suggested: “Since September 11, Sheirer has taken charge of the biggest cleanup effort in American history.”

An Unprecedented Destruction of Evidence
Regardless of who had foreknowledge or what the imminent danger was, over the next few weeks and months there were heroic efforts made to rescue survivors. But those efforts were hampered by Giuliani’s drive to clean up the site rapidly. The commonly held story is that the government wanted to re-open Wall Street, and for that reason didn’t care about the health of New Yorkers and first responders or about facilitating the most careful rescue operations. However, the facts also align with the hypothesis that authorities were in a hurry to remove evidence that pointed to the use of explosives.

The steel evidence, “a significant amount” of which was quickly removed before investigators arrived … But the steel was not the only evidence that was removed. For example, the black boxes that contain the flight data recorders and cockpit data recorders on every airliner were officially never found for either Flight 11 or Flight 175. This claim came from the FBI and was supported by the 9/11 Commission report, but was contradicted by a number of people who worked at the site. Two Ground Zero workers claimed that they helped authorities find three of the four black boxes in October of 2001. One of them, New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi, described the recovery of the devices in a book. Additionally, a source from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), said, “Off the record, we had the boxes…You’d have to get the official word from the FBI as to where they are, but we worked on them here.”

The cleanup operations were ultimately consolidated under the control of two of the primary contractors: AMEC Construction Management and Bovis Lend Lease. At the time of the 9/11 attacks, the CEO of AMEC Construction was Peter Janson, a long-time business associate of Donald Rumsfeld. Under Janson’s leadership, AMEC had just completed a $258 million refurbishment of Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, exactly where AA Flight 77 impacted the building.

The idea that the indestructible black boxes could not be found also appears to be in contradiction to the official claim that a passport of one of the alleged hijackers was found. On September 12th, 2001, it was reported that the passport of Satam al Suqami, who was said to be aboard American Airlines Flight 11, was recovered. … the passport was delivered through Bernard Kerik’s police department.

Debris Removal and Theft
The debris removed from Ground Zero was either hauled away on trucks or shipped away on barges. Despite the effort to rapidly dispose of the steel and sell it a bargain price, the WTC debris was considered highly sensitive. At first the trucks were tracked using a paper-based system, and later GPS devices were fixed to each truck with “antennas to monitor location, cellular wireless antennas to communicate, and multiple I/Os to track vehicle signals from engine systems.”

As the debris was received at Fresh Kills landfill, it was sorted carefully. This sorting process was supervised by federal agents, and described in this way: “Teams of officers and agents watch as the rubble is sifted down to a fine ashy silt that they then rake through by hand.” More than a year later, FBI agents reported the theft of some of this debris at the Fresh Kills site.

Pat D’Amuro, later an employee of Giuliani Partners, was involved in the theft of WTC debris from the Fresh Kills site.

D’Amuro had been the counterterrorism chief in the FBI’s New York City office since 1997 and was put in charge of the PENTTBOM investigation just after the 9/11 attacks. PENTTBOM stood for Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombing and was notable for the rapidity in which the case was solved.

Firefighter and police unions have since criticized Giuliani over the issue of protective equipment and illnesses after the attacks. An October 2001 study by the National Institute of Environmental Safety and Health confirmed that workers in the clean-up operations lacked adequate protective equipment. A letter from the International Association of Fire Fighters in 2007 suggested that Giuliani rushed to end the victim recovery effort after gold and silver had been recovered from World Trade Center vaults.

During 9/11 Commission hearings, victims’ family members interrupted to demand answers on another Giuliani-related scandal. They wanted an explanation from Giuliani for the first responders’ lack of working radios. The radios used by firefighters in the WTC were a concern, and were actually known by NYC officials to be faulty as early as 1993.

By April 2007, Giuliani had been forced to limit his appearances in New York City due to the increasing protests by family members of 9/11 victims, particularly police, fire and other emergency workers. A general campaign sponsored by The International Association of Firefighters followed, aimed at exposing Giuliani as a fraud with respect to his 9/11 activities.

There is no question that 9/11 provided this publicity-greedy man the ideal opportunity to grow a legend around his perceived response to the attacks. But Giuliani’s legend has faded into suspicions that he should be investigated for possible involvement in the crimes.
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Sadly, you already know much of the real story about The Real Rudy. That he chose to put his anti-terrorist command center in the only spot in New York City that had been hit by terrorists before, against the advice of every professional and his own people, because The World Trade Center was more convenient for him.

Furthermore, you’re aware that his inaction in updating the radios used by firefighters who perished that day borders on the criminal. He knew the radios didn’t work at least 8 years before that day, and when he finally chose to replace them, did so in grand Bushian style with a no-bid contract for radios that didn’t work.
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Rudy’s Long History of Quashing Trump Probes
October 12, 1993


Donald Trump has operated amid a swamp of corruption, self-dealing, and outright criminality ever since his real estate–developer father gifted him his first millions. For almost as long, Voice investigative reporter Wayne Barrett dogged Trump’s dirty deals. In this exposé from October of 1993, Barrett reveals how, in 1988, as a favor to Trump, then–U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani quashed an investigation into the shady financing of Trump Tower.
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The Destruction of 9/11 Evidence (below)
More on The Destruction of Evidence (below)
Robert Maxwell and The Promis Software
Why Did Rudy Giuliani Submarine a BCCI Probe?
“His office’s apparent mishandling of solid BCCI leads is fair crit­icism of him whether he did or did not know about it: he missed a golden opportu­nity to examine the so-called Bank of Crooks and Criminals”
October 19, 1993
A specter that haunted Rudy Giuliani’s first run for mayor in 1989 — the associa­tion of his then law firm, White & Case, with the notorious international drug laun­derers and terrorist boosters at BCCI — is coming back to haunt him.
[Read the full article in the link below]
NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
Jeremy Rys:
Former New York City Police Commissioner, Secretary of Homeland Security nominee, and now a federal felon. Kerik was New York City Police Commissioner from 2000 to 2001, under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In December 2004, President George W. Bush nominated Kerik as United States Secretary of Homeland Security. A week later, Kerik withdrew his nomination, explaining that he had employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny; subsequently, numerous allegations surfaced which would likely have led to a confirmation battle in the Senate. In 2006, Kerik pleaded guilty to two unrelated ethics violations after an investigation by the Office of the Bronx District Attorney, and was ordered to pay $221,000.
A grand jury of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a 16-count indictment against Kerik on November 8, 2007, alleging conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and lying to the Internal Revenue Service. Kerik surrendered to authorities the next day and pled not guilty to all charges. On October 20, 2009, his bail was revoked and he was jailed pending trial. On November 5, he pleaded guilty to 8 charges in a plea bargain with prosecutors who recommended a jail sentence of 27 to 33 months. Kerik was sentenced to four years in federal prison on February 18, 2010. On March 30, 2011, he lost his appeal in federal court to have his four year sentence reduced because of alleged bias by the sentencing judge.
Kerik Department was the one who found the passport of one of the 9/11 hijackers and handed it over to the FBI. Many believe this was manufactured evidence since it is so hard to believe a paper passport survived a plane crash and jet fuel explosion, yet the Black Boxes did not. Kerik has a history with KUWAM – The Kuwaiti American Corporation, and was placed in charge of training the Iraqi Police Force during the Iraq War.
[Link below]
Jerome Hauer
Jeremy Rys:
On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer was a national security advisor with the National Institute of Health, a managing director with Kroll Associates, and a guest on national television. [Kroll Associates was in charge of Security at the WTC complex.]
His background in counter-terror and his specialized knowledge of biological warfare served him well on that day. Perhaps a little too well.
Anthrax Attacks
On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer advised the White House to begin taking Cipro, an antibiotic which is effective against anthrax.
Mr. Hauer’s advice was not made public. Its value may have been underestimated at the time, but it was clearly demonstrated a week later, when the first anthrax letters appeared, and again three weeks after that, when anthrax appeared in letters to Democratic Senators Daschle and Leahy.
The obvious question is: Did Jerome Hauer know about the anthrax attacks in advance?
Strangely, perhaps, this is not the first time questions of prior knowledge have surfaced in Jerome Hauer’s wake.
Jerome Hauer joined New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in 1998 and quickly obtained funding from the office of then-mayor Rudy Giuliani for the study of West Nile virus. The following year the virus appeared in the city, and Jerome Hauer led the fumigation effort.
Did Jerome Hauer know this was going to happen? Or did he just get “lucky”?
And how could anyone know such a thing was going to happen? Unless … unless …
Strangely, perhaps, Jerome Hauer managed the NIH response to the anthrax attacks. The anthrax used in the attacks was identified as an Ames strain, which means it had to have come from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland.
How Rudy Giuliani Took the Media for a Ride
August 29, 1989
… Rudy’s sweet­heart relationship with the press spawned a wet-kiss orgy of free publicity the likes of which even Ron Lauder’s mother’s millions couldn’t buy.

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