Tips for 9/11 Truth Advocates #1

KNOW why you must "never give a glass of water with a fire-hose.” – We’re all guilty of it one way or another.

The objective of these videos and their accompanying web pages are to help you become a more effective 9/11 Truth Advocate.

why you must "never give a glass of water with a fire-hose," it's JUST best to offer a glass of water at a time.

“Don’t overwhelm people with facts.  It’s too much for them to take in at once – it’s an overload …”  — Jacy from Australia 

“Did you know that a third tower fell on 9/11? ”  For more information, please visit  —  Richard Gage 

“I have preached truth to two types of people – those who embraced it and those who did not heed it. The one commonality between these two types is that neither one can ever unhear the truth once it has been spoken.” — Rob Cox – USA

“Long story short. Claudio Marty “piqued my interest” about 9/11 while wearing a t-shirt.  Funny thing is he never mentioned 9/11 once to me for months. He was just a friendly neighbor wearing a 9/11 t-shirt.  I eventually asked him about the t-shirt.  He asked me to look up false flag and passed me his 9/11 business card.”  — Louis Lee – USA

I find a good opportunity and I just ask people “Hey did you know we were lied to about 9/11?” And then whatever they say to that I say “Yeah it’s come out that the buildings were actually blown up with some kind of explosives”. And then I may say “Also Captain Dan Hanley and other experienced pilots say the planes were likely hijacked by remote control and flown into the buildings because if you’re not trained to fly large aircraft you can’t do it.”  — Michael Atkinson – USA

Matt Van Slyke’s ice breaker about 9/11 Truth  “Did you hear the good news?  What good news?  A group of attorneys that have evidence that 9/11 was indeed an inside job?  No, I didn’t know that!  Yea, there’s 60 different exhibits of blatant and undeniable evidence that a group of attornies brought to court, but the court would not allow the grand jury to see them.  You didn’t hear about that?”  –  If you want to know more please visit

Highlights from the video

✔ There are two types of people. - Those that have questions about 9/11 and those that don't. The "those that don't" crowd need to get curious first.
✔There are different stages in the awakening process regarding 9/11, sort of like going through first grade to graduating H.S. If you are like most of us that woke up about the 9/11 deception, it was a step by step process. Once you become aware of the 9/11 deception, you may have scared off others by saying too much too soon. Just plant a seed then walk away.
✔ If you have piqued the interest of someone, and you have an opportunity to have a short verbal exchange, then these tips can come in handy. If there is no time for a talk, then pass them a flyer or a card if you have one on hand. You can print some up from our web site.

✔ It's best to apply the K.I.S.S. rule. Talking about the technical aspects to the newbie may overwhelm them, you may give them the impression that the 9/11 topic is too complex for them to get into, but just getting them to realize that the "the establishment's" "official story" regarding 9/11 is full of holes is a great start. They will eventually go down the 9/11 rabbit hole over time.
✔We must keep 9/11 Truth in the public eye. People tend to get curious after SEEING a message at least 3 times before they become curious about something. Wear a 9/11 t-shirt occasionally, put a bumper sticker on your car and post stickers, flyers on public bulletin-boards, in food establishments, post offices and colleges for example. - Individuals must do the best we can to help 9/11 Truth become popular. It would also help to break through the "conspiracy theory" myth - "Passive Marketing" video coming soon.

  1. First of all – Understand that there are those that don’t want to hear it.  If someone responded negatively about your 9/11 Truth t-shirt or bumper sticker or if you said something like, “9/11 was an inside job or a false flag attack,” that may be all they can tolerate.  It’s important just to leave them be.  At least you have planted a seed that may germinate later.  We must wake people up gently but not with a sledgehammer.  You will only reinforce their “cognitive dissonance” wall.  At least you put a chink in it with your initial statement.


  2. Cater to your target audience.  Every person in your life is different and you should speak to them accordingly.  Your spouse – Family – Friends – Neighbors – Co-workers – Strangers, etc.  Whoever it is, they must be respected, patience and compassion must be in the forefront.  You must also come to the realization that some may never look into the 9/11 cover-up.  At least you have planted a seed in their minds that the official story regarding 9/11 is questionable. 


  3. If someone gets angry, just be understanding and empathize with them.  (I feel ya dawg – I know what you mean – I’ve been there myself.)  Let them know that you can relate because you may have reacted similarly when you found out.  REMEMBER THIS: Anger is a curse, patience is a resource.  Always be the grown-up in the room.  The more chaotic we are, the more the cabal thrives.  They depend on a divided and chaotic populace so we all can keep our eyes off them while we’re busy fighting each other.


  4. If someone responds with, “our government wouldn’t do such a thing and the media would have called it out!” – You simply say – False Flag attacks are a political reality and have been used countless times all around the world.  For example, in 1962 JFK refused to partake in a false flag operation when a proposal to kill Americans to blame Cuba was presented to him.  If you have a False Flag flyer at hand, it will hammer home that point. You can get some talking points and a Free False Flag flyer @ 911-information/false-flag-attack/ 

  5. Regarding the MSM – The media are owned by 5 or 6 corporations and have been working hand in hand with governments for decades now.  Those that dared to speak out were ridiculed, threatened, and or ostracized.  Most journalists don’t want to jeopardize their livelihood and will stay silent and even push the “official narrative.” – The “Official Narrative” is the cover story of “the powers that be”.


  6. If you have piqued the interest of someone, and you have a 9/11 Flyer at hand, you can go over key information within the flyer.  If not, you’re going to have to apply some verbal 9/11 Truth taekwondo on them.  Ask a question like: “what do you think/know about 9/11?”  Most people “think they know.” Then carefully listen. – Use the “What do you think of” list below.


  7. Less is definitely more.  Let the other person do most of the talking.  Most have a lot to unload from their chest.


  8. Have a conversation and not a lecture or monologue.  Do the best you can to balance.


  9. Stick to the subject at hand and don’t go off to another controversial topic unless they want to.  You have planted a seed, now give it time to germinate.


  10. I highly recommend reading an article titled “The Art of Conversation or Improve Your Conversation Skills” to fine-tune your communication skills.

“What do you think of?” - list

Just bring up topics that a 5 year-old can understand. "Thermite" may be beyond their understanding.

  1. Hundreds of eyewitnesses on the scene at ground zero including, firefighters, police, news reporters and many other emergency workers heard and felt explosions before and during the collapse of both towers, but the government ignored all those witnesses.  Do you have any idea why?
  2. Countless of eyewitnesses who survived blasts from the lobby before the first plane hit were ignored by investigators.  Then the government (NIST) said “there were no explosions on 9/11/2001.  Why is this allowed?
  3. William Rodriguez, a maintenance worker in one of the towers survived a huge explosion when he was at the sub-level in one of the towers.  After that explosion, the first plane hit above.  But according to the government, there were no bombs planted anywhere on 9/11.
  4. What do you think of the bone fragments of the victims that were found on the adjacent rooftops in the vicinity of the towers?  What could have caused that?  Don’t you find that unusual? 
  5. How is it possible that office furnishing could not be found except in small fragments.  All other building collapses you can find crushed furniture, computers, filing cabinets and so on, or at least in chunks but not on 9/11.  What could have caused that?  You can get more talking points from this link from
  6. Why weren’t military jets deployed on 9/11?  Military jets are scrambled routinely for just 1 potentially hijacked plane, but why not when four planes were confirmed to be hijacked on 9/11?
  7. How could the Pentagon, one of the most protected buildings on the planet be hit by a plane or anything else for that matter?

    From the short list above, I hope you get the idea.  Make up your own and be sure to share it with us.  Thanks



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