Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are a worldwide grassroots campaign designed to create awareness with online banner profile pictures, social media, billboards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, videos and more to market 9/11 truth and to foster unity for the entire Truth Movement.  Our 9/11 Truth Awareness Profile Picture Banners are a simple tool that we can all use to put a wedge in the wheels of the Mainstream Media’s propaganda machine in the realm of social media and beyond are an instrument for change.  They are a very simple but POWERFUL TOOL to show unity and solidarity for truth, so that we can be sure humanity WINS!

  • Become The Ad for 9/11 Truth

Become part of the solution

We’d like to invite you to join our 9/11 Awareness Banner campaign.  It’s about showing a united front & using the power of passive marketing to create 9/11 awareness throughout the internet WORLDWIDE.  It’s really that simple.


Everyone doing a little and a lot gets done!

You can help get 9/11 Truth out to the masses.   Use your profile picture or avatar to spread awareness wherever you go on Facebook and anywhere else you use a profile picture on the internet. Your face is more powerful than you think & combine it with 9/11 text & we’ve got a powerful tool to use to spread the message.    We need that human to human connection to make a difference.  Want change?  Then ‘SHOW’ it!